Your Money Scripts

What do you value most in life?

At the end of the day, what brings you meaning and happiness?

What worries you and holds you back from confidently pursuing your best life?

The answers are different for everyone. But no matter what your answers are, knowing the answers to these questions is the key to unlocking the purpose behind your wealth and fully realizing it’s potential.

In my last update I focused on the fact that money, if it’s used the right way, can enhance happiness.  However, even if you’ve already read “Happy Money,” you may run into mental road blocks that prevent you from deploying your wealth to maximize your happiness.  These subconscious money scripts (we all have them) are our biggest threat to financial health happiness.  Not the economy.  Not the markets.  Your brain.

These scripts affect every decision you make and are critical to understanding your goals and values.  I regularly see these scripts when I work with clients.  Sometimes these scripts have prevented clients from building the level of wealth they could have.  More often, I see clients hoarding wealth or afraid to retire for years after they have achieved financial independence.  In all cases, our unchecked money scripts prevent us from maximizing our happiness.

To better understand my own money scripts and those of my clients, I’ve been reading “Wired for Wealth“.  I won’t rehash the whole book, but here’s a sample of just a few of the chapter titles: “Money Scripts: What’s Your Family Legacy?”, “Your Financial Comfort Zone: Do You Need to Break Out?”, “When Money Scripts Keep You Poor in Spirit”.  If those topics pique your interest, I would encourage you to give it a read as well.

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “money can’t buy you happiness.” But the truth is money can enhance your happiness — as long as it’s used the right way. And psychologists say that the right way to use money is by investing in experiences, rather than material items, and using money to benefit others. They also say money has to be used with a purpose.1

So, how can wealth be used to support your purpose and bring more value to your life?  What’s keeping  you from using your wealth to optimize your happiness and live your best life?

Have you been thinking about the purpose behind your wealth?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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